Ali Carter Author

An Accidental Jubilee


On the night of 18th February 2011 Alice Warrender, 28, was found sprawled across Fulham Broadway, having been knocked off her bicycle. After brain surgery she began an indefinite period of recuperation at her home in Ayrshire. However she quickly grew tired of being the centre of worry and attention and resolved to walk by herself from Canterbury to Rome, following an ancient pilgrim route. Her narrative of this remarkable journey with its alternations of pain, introspection, peril and comedy, is acutely observant and comes to a moving and uplifting conclusion. Published by Stone Trough Books

'This instructive, amusing, dramatic and bravely candid account is an essential addition to the canon.' 

(John Mc Ewen, Country Life)

'A book about courage-a long string of tiny courageous steps. It is also about hope and faith and love. It is modest, careful and joyous. I do not see how any attentive reader could fail to be touched, awed and encouraged.' 
(Sara Maitland)

The Susie Mahl Mysteries

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Published by Oneworld Publications' crime imprint Point Blank
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'This is a well paced and exciting read. More please!'
(Alexander McCall Smith)

'Carter has created a character Agatha Christie would be proud of – a sort of 21st century Jane Marple, although it is hard to imagine what that most correct and starchy lady would have thought about Susie’s passion for racy French silk underwear!'

(Crime Review)

'It's a rare talent that creates a work that is both whip smart, fast paced and at the same time gloriously genteel. Carter is that talent.'

(Amanda Prowse)

'A Christie homage whose upper-crust humour targets readers who recognize the differences between a country house and a stately home.'


'A delicious new voice in crime writing... Excellent on the English aristocracy and written in a fine wry style.'

(Daily Mail)

'An entertaining read, and one that had me up to the wee small hours.'


'Absorbing, charming and funny, A Brush With Death heralds a fresh and welcome new voice in crime writing. Susie Mahl is also a welcome new detective: witty, warm and very inquisitive.'

(Antonia Fraser)

'A Brush with Death is a perfectly English mystery, with an abundance of all the right jokes, details, and muddy dogs. Author Ali Carter’s first book is a lovely romp and shows promise for a wonderful tongue-in-cheek mystery series.'

(Foreword Reviews)

'Brilliantly enjoyable; coolly observed.'

(The Tablet)

'Animal lovers, Anglophiles, and fans of humorous, socially observant whodunits will look forward to the next Susie Mahl mystery.'

(Publishers Weekly)

'Its rich details on the British leisure class may interest fans of Downton Abbey and G.M. Malliet's "Max Tudor" mysteries.'

(Library Journal)

'Fans of country-house cozies will delight in this series debut.'


'This is a crime novel for mystery fans sick of gore and sexual violence. Just curl up and lose yourself happily in this world of animals and toffs – closely observed by a beady-eyed artist turned amateur sleuth who realises all is not as innocent as it looks and is determined to do something about it.'

(Ruth Dudley Edwards, author of The Robert Amiss Mysteries)

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